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Let the Good Times Roll!

We were excited to finally celebrate Mardi Gras again with the Krewe of Kiddies parade on February 25! 5th graders decorated and participated in our annual parade, with floats pulled by the 6th grade and 7th grade classes. This year's theme was "Childhood Memories."

Photos by: Cindy Morris


Title & Explanation of Float: Goodnight Moon

It looks like the front of the book to make it seem like it is coming out of the book.

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

I loved spending time building it with my dad.

Float Puller: Jules (6th)2022-2-25_019_SMNS Mardi Gras parade.jpeg



Title & Explanation of Float: Mr. Popper's Penguins

It has ice, snow, and penguins.

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

I have a two foot studded penguin, and that I my favorite part because I feel like it is such an important part, and it makes it really look like a float.

Float Puller: Kinlie (6th)

2022-2-25_015_SMNS Mardi Gras parade.jpeg


Title & Explanation of Float: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

It has a sleigh, The Grinch, and presents.

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

My favorite part is The Grinch.

Float Puller: Madden (6th)

2022-2-25_027_SMNS Mardi Gras parade.jpeg


Title & Explanation of Float: Curious George

It has balloons and banners.

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

My favorite thing is my banana costume.

Float Puller: John (7th)

2022-2-25_025_SMNS Mardi Gras parade.jpeg


Title & Explanation of Float: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

My float is yellow with a purple border. There are foam letters in a pile and an inflatable palm tree in the middle of the float that is bent over.

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

I like the big inflatable palm tree on the front of the float.

Float Puller: Avie (6th)

2022-2-25_036_SMNS Mardi Gras parade.jpeg


Title & Explanation of Float: Charlotte's Web

It has a painted pig, hay, a PVC pipe pitch fork, a spider, and fake grass and flowers.

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

My favorite part was arranging the fake grass and flowers and painting Wilbur, the pig.

Float Puller: Charlotte (6th)

2022-2-25_020_SMNS Mardi Gras parade.jpeg


Title & Explanation of Float: Clark the Shark

It has all the titles of the book, Clark the Shark.

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

My favorite thing is the stuffed animal on the float acting like Clark the Shark.

Float Puller: Thomas M. (6th)

2022-2-25_021_SMNS Mardi Gras parade.jpeg


Title & Explanation of Float: A Bear Named Paddington

It has a bear doll and flags from the book.

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

I like that it has a train.

Float Puller: Thomas W. (6th)

2022-2-25_038_SMNS Mardi Gras parade.jpeg


Title & Explanation of Float: Where the Wild Things Are

I have trees made of stick and feathers, I have the monster from the cover of the book, and I have a river made from small shiny pieces of paper.

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

My favorite part of the float is that I got to make something with my parents.

Float Puller: Carlie (6th)

2022-2-25_016_SMNS Mardi Gras parade.jpeg


Title & Explanation of Float: Giraffes Can't Dance

My float includes animal action figures, fake leaves, a sunset as the scene, rocks, and sticks to represent trees.

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

My favorite thing about my float is the animal action figures because without them I could not accomplish my float.

Float Puller: Noah W. (6th)

2022-2-25_034_SMNS Mardi Gras parade.jpeg


Title & Explanation of Float: The Lorax

We put PVC pipe with a paper ball for trees and a foam board with the title and the Lorax.

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

My favorite part is the structure because I took my time building it.

Float Puller: Cohen (7th)

unnamed (20).jpg


Title & Explanation of Float: Winnie the Pooh

It has a foam tree and a big Winnie and a jar of honey, some bees, and Tigger and Eeyore.

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

I like the tree and the honey.

Float Puller: Brooke (7th)

2022-2-25_033_SMNS Mardi Gras parade.jpeg


Title & Explanation of Float: The Little Engine That Could

There is a cardboard train that looks like the one on the book. There is also a frame around the bottom of the train and the top.

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

I like the cardboard train. It is very cool.

Float Puller: Remi (7th)

2022-2-25_018_SMNS Mardi Gras parade.jpeg


Title & Explanation of Float: Pete the Cat

It has the main character on it.

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

I worked for awhile on it. It took about a week.

Float Puller: Wyatt (6th)

unnamed (22).jpg


Title & Explanation of Float: The Hungry Caterpillar

There's a caterpillar, apples, fruits, a cocoon, and a poster.

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

My favorite part of my float is my caterpillar.

Float Puller: Kimber (6th)

2022-2-25_023_SMNS Mardi Gras parade.jpeg


Title & Explanation of Float: The Giving Tree

We put an apple with a little boy trying to get the apple and the tree on a podium. In the background we put the title of the book and some clouds. On the side of the float we put some quotes from the book.

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

My favorite thing about my float is the podium and the little boy because I spent a lot of time painting the podium and the little boy. He is actually a person from one of my favorite shows and my mom helped me paint him.

Float Puller: Colton (7th)

2022-2-25_035_SMNS Mardi Gras parade.jpeg


Title & Explanation of Float: The Polar Express

It has a train, lights, wheels, and pipes.

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

My favorite part about it is the part with the smoke because because it is big and it looks cool.

Float Puller: Olivia (6th)

2022-2-25_017_SMNS Mardi Gras parade.jpeg


Title & Explanation of Float: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

It has candy on the sides, and it has a chocolate river with a fence made out of suckers with all of the candy logos.

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

My favorite part of building mt float is getting to eat some of the candy while we were building the float.

Float Puller: Sarah (6th)

2022-2-25_024_SMNS Mardi Gras parade.jpeg


Title & Explanation of Float: Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

My float is a blue bus. In the front of the bus there is a pigeon that looks like it is screaming. There are quotes from the book all around the float. There is another pigeon in the window of the bus.

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

I love the decoration on the float where the pigeon is making a super weird looking face! I also love the quote where it says, " How 'bout I give you five bucks?" I hope they enjoyed my float!

Float Puller: Parker (6th)

2022-2-25_022_SMNS Mardi Gras parade.jpeg


Title & Explanation of Float: The Cat in the The Hat

My float has the character of Cat in the Hat running out of the book. The back scene of the float has Cat in the Hat spelling out and a cat on it too.

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

My favorite thing about my float is how the characters are running out the book because I think it really expresses the Dr. Seuss side of the book. This project took me about 3-4 weeks, but it was worth every second.

Float Puller: Alexus (7th)

2022-2-25_031_SMNS Mardi Gras parade.jpeg


Title & Explanation of Float: The Tale of Peter Rabbit

We have a garden with a fence around it. Around the bottom of the float is green thin paper. There are birds, carrots, and flowers on the sides. I also have Peter Rabbit trying to come out of the fence. There are also boots and a rake to make it look like Mr. McGregor is in the garden. The last thing that I have is a wooden square with Peter Rabbit on it.

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

I like the green paper and the garden because it makes the float look like the garden in Peter Rabbit.

Float Puller: Maddox (7th)

2022-2-25_026_SMNS Mardi Gras parade.jpeg


Title & Explanation of Float: Oh, the Places You'll Go!

On my float I put a backdrop of the scene, two floating hot air balloons, and some painted 3-D hills and a painted statue. 

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

My favorite part of my float is the hot air balloons. They are my favorite part because that is what is unique about my float. I also like the backdrop.

Float Puller: Abbey (6th)

2022-2-25_037_SMNS Mardi Gras parade.jpeg


Title & Explanation of Float: Clifford the Big Red Dog

Clifford is in a doghouse that is painted black for the roof and yellow for the wood on the house. The family is spread across through the yard, and the girl that is Clifford's best friend. There are clouds in the float above everything with the title Clifford the Big Red Dog. In the back of the wall are the beads I threw out.

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

My favorite part of my float is Clifford the Big Red Dog in the doghouse because it is the main part of the float, and I think it looks very cool.

Float Puller: Addison (6th)

unnamed (21).jpg


Title & Explanation of Float: Duck Goes Potty

There is a title on the top, and the float is made to look like an outhouse. My dad and I carved the moon in the middle. There is a metal roof, and on the back there is a printed picture of the cover of the book. There are paper ducks on the sides and on the back. In the front the duck is sitting on the potty chair. He has toilet paper around him and rolls on the side of him. There are some of the pages printed out onto the front of the float. On the side, there is a banner that has different designs to incorporate the theme of the book. The banner has ducks all over it.

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

My favorite part about the float is all the decorations. I like this the most because it feels like it makes the float come together.

Float Puller: Noah H. (6th)

2022-2-25_028_SMNS Mardi Gras parade.jpeg


Title & Explanation of Float: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

My float has a giant cookie, two glasses of milk that are spray painted, crayons, pencils, little cookies, drawings, and the mouse from the book. The cookies are made out of foam.

Favorite Thing about Your Float:

My favorite thing about my float is the mouse. He is nice, and I am happy about it.

Float Puller: Caleb (6th)

2022-2-25_039_SMNS Mardi Gras parade.jpeg

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